August 8, 2016 Jeremy Reigber

Bermondsey Transfer Station

Click on any image to see full size. Photographs by Louis Tam

Toronto Fire Services responded to a fire at the Bermondsey Transfer Station shortly after noon on Monday August 8th 2016. They responded to reports of smoke and found “visible flames” and “burning debris” inside. Support 7 was then requested at 4:40pm. Upon getting off the Don Valley Parkway, GTMAA members responding to the call could smell the fire from kilometres away.

When you hear the word overhaul, it is nothing like you would have seen at the Bermondsey Transfer Station. Crews were during overhaul for hours on end. They were extremely happy to have a seat to sit down, and some water and Gatorade to drink with a granola bar in hand. Crews were assisted by city workers with front end loaders turning over the mounds of garbage with firefighters dousing the garbage in case of any reignition.

This long duration incident involved a large, open warehouse behind the Bermondsey Transfer Station, housing compost and other combustible materials. A deep-seated fire involved much of the premise, requiring long lays and numerous streams, including Aerial 321’s ladder pipe. Heavy equipment was used to access the burning refuse and it took many hours to put out the fire. No dollar loss was recorded.