September 24, 2016 Jeremy Reigber

GTMAA takes on Buffalo

The following first person account was submitted by Jeremy Reigber. Photographs by Louis Tam:

I want to write to you all today with regards to a trip a few of the GTMAA members took. I have been a member of this amazing group for almost a year and I was invited to a trip to visit the Buffalo Fire department. I was told I had to go see it, so one morning I grabbed my passport, we got in 3 different cars and away we went. I had no idea what to expect as this was my first time traveling with the group but I was very excited. First stop for us once we crossed the border was a Buffalo fire dept. museum. My good friend Tony and myself were amazed. All the stuff they had collected and how friendly all the gentlemen were.


After the museum is where the trip really kicks off. I was told to jump back in the SUV as we have a surprise. “Do you want to go see a live burn boys?” I don’t know any person that is on the fire department or trying to get on that would even think for a second and say no. Before they finished asking the question, Tony and myself were already buckled in and ready to roll. Our eyes were almost popping out of our head we were so excited. I could try and describe the live burn but that wouldn’t do anyone any good so I will just post pictures so you can all see what happened.

The afternoon we spent touring around Buffalo and visiting fire halls. I want to thank the guys at Buffalo Fire for treating us like Family. We were welcomed into there fire stations with open arms and got the special honour of going to see two brand new apparatus that haven’t been put in service yet. Ladies and Gentleman those were two shiny fire trucks!



I want to give a huge thanks to Rich and Ken Sikora for making us feel like family and showing us the ins and outs of the Buffalo Fire department. This is 100% a trip I will be doing again!

– Jeremy Reigber