February 2, 2017 Jeremy Reigber

One of a kind…

Some people say that Firefighters wait around and eat donuts all day, maybe get a call once and a while. Well with volunteering within the department and the many friends I have made, I know that this just isn’t true. In 2015 Toronto Fire responded to 115,667 emergency incidents that required 283,320 apparatus responses. These calls vary from a Vechile Incident, to check calls, medical calls, wires down, Assist EMS (Emergency Medical Services), Gas leaks. You can take a look at the graph below to show the breakdown on calls in 2015.

It is true that we don’t get fires everyday but the Toronto Fire services does a lot more than just fire calls. Toronto fire has amazing responds time. When you call 911 it takes them on average 52 seconds untill the appropriate service is dispatched. Then from the moment of being dispatched to the moment they arrive on scene, it is on average is 7 minutes and 11 seconds. Those times are a matter of someone living or not. Not only to find someone in a burning building but if someone is having a heart attack or there is a gas leak. The faster the crews get on scene the fast they can get to work.

  • All information was collected form the 2015 Toronto Fire Annual Report