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GTMAA’s Annual Summer BBQ

People always ask us “Are you guys part of Toronto Fire?” and the simplest answer to that is yes and no.

No, we are not staff of TFS (Toronto Fire Service). We are members of the Greater Toronto Multiple Alarm Association (GTMAA) and we operate Toronto Fire Support 7 on behalf of TFS and the Toronto Professional Fire Fighters Association.

The first responders always smile when they see us. They are so appreciative when we arrive on scene, no matter the hour of the day, grateful for a snack and something to drink.

Our club motto is “serving those that protect us” which our members see as a privilege to fulfill.

We are as grateful for the camaraderie and appreciation we receive. Toronto firefighters open their fire halls, their homes for 24 hours at a time, and welcome us in with open arms. Every year in June we get the pleasure to go to Station 334 where we have a BBQ with our club members and guests. We cook dinner for everyone including the crew on duty. We are offered the opportunity to go for a private tour of the harbour while we are there. We want to thank the crews that have hosted us over the years for this amazing honour. It is truly one of our club events that is looked forward to every year!!

Below are pictures from the past year taken by Jeremy Reigber.

Last Alarm – Richie Sikora

July 19, 1944 – May 10, 2018

What can I say about a man that was larger than life? To say we were all shocked when we learned of the sudden passing of GTMAA member Richie Sikora on Thursday May 10th is a huge understatement. It is hard to think of a club event that Richie wasn’t at, he would make the drive up from Buffalo without a second thought. Be it for the Bruce Beauchamp dinner, Christmas get together, Easter or Canada Day parades or June BBQ, not to mention the trips he and his wife Sandie made just to visit with their friends. No matter where you went within the fire service once they heard you had a connection to the Buffalo area you always got “Do you know this guy named Richie Sikora?”

Richie was an avid collector of anything fire related and a regular vendor at the OFBA flea market. For all those that have been to his house or seen pictures of his firematic collection, you were in awe. For those that haven’t, it has taken over the family dining room turning it into the Sikora museum and was two to three shelving units deep all around the room. Once Richie knew that you were interested in something it would be on his radar. It may take a month, a year or more but once Richie found what you were looking for, there would be a call or email telling you just what he found. Richie could never pass by a garage sale, no matter where you were, for fear he may miss a treasure waiting for him.

Another of his loves was photography, to say he had a thousand pictures would be an enormous understatement. Over the years he has amassed quite the collection of prints whether it was of a Super Pumper, sticks up working, a canteen call, pumpers, garbage truck or pelican sweepers, plus family events or food. Once Richie got on to Facebook, you know it was a slow day in Buffalo when your whole news feed was full of pictures from back in the day– New York, New Jersey, Buffalo, or Toronto.

Richie’s greatest love was his family. He is survived by his amazing wife Sandie and their five children: Karen, Kim, Kathi Jo, Kristen and Ken as well as their spouses. They shared their love with ten grandchildren and recently welcomed their first great grandchild.

Richie will truly be missed by everyone who got the privilege to know and love him. May he rest in peace.

Originally published in the May 2018 edition of the Trumpet Newsletter.
Reprinted with permission.

What is the Greater Toronto Multiple Alarm Association?

What is the Greater Toronto Multiple Alarm Association (GTMAA)? It is a question that is asked a lot but there isn’t an easy answer. The easiest way to answer that question is we operate Toronto Fire Services’ Support 7. To say that is all we do would be an understatement. Click below on “Read More” to read the full article.

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6th Alarm – 242 Cherry Street

It was the early morning of May 25, 2017 when the tones went off. “Rescue 325, Pumper 333, Pumper 334, Pumper 325, Tower 333, Fireboat 334, Chief 33. Fire Commercial/Industrial 242 Cherry Street, Green For Life. South Tac 3.” It took Pumper 333 3 minutes and 33 seconds to have first visual on the scene. Within the captain’s first radio transmission he requested a 2nd Alarm. Two minutes later Tower 333 upgraded the call to a 3rd Alarm.
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Bruce Beauchamp Annual Dinner

Another year, another great night out at The Canadiana Restaurant celebrating our history and raising money for a worthy cause.  Saturday April 22nd brought out many members of our club, TFS brass both past and present and great friends. We honoured a dear friend and TFS retired Deputy Chief Terry Boyko that passed away last year. By adding is name to our Memorial bell and necrology. Terry was a great friend and amazing person. We had the honour of having Terry’s wife Lisa, daughter Larissa and son in law Shaun attend. Also we were able to present the Beauchamp Foundation with a cheque for $400. Bruce Beauchamp foundation, Bruce was a member of our club that passed away 30 years ago from cancer. His family started the foundation to help raise awareness and money to with cancer research. They have been able to help many other charities, last year they donated to help the First Responders that where apart of the Fort McMurray wildfires.

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Camp Bucko

Tonight Greater Toronto Multiple Alarm Association gave Camp Bucko’s Director Pat Hayter a cheque to send one kid to camp this summer. Camp BUCKO (Burn Camp for Kids in Ontario) is a camp open to burn survivors between the ages of 7-17.  The camp has grown to over 70 children attending the week long camp in August.  There is no fee to attend Camp BUCKO. For more information or to donate visit http://www.campbucko.ca

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Last Alarm – Quartermaster Capt. Marcy Stratton and Firefighter Stuart Bryan

It’s been a difficult week for the Toronto Fire Services family. Within the span of two days, the service lost sister Marcy Stratton and brother Stuart Bryan. Our crew were honoured to serve at Stratton’s funeral on Sunday. Members of our crew also attended Bryan’s funeral today, where our sister unit Box 12 served. Read more

We’re moving!

Image above by the late J. Karl Lee, GTMAA member.

Our crew is saying goodbye to 95 years of firefighting history as we prepare to move out of a century-old downtown fire hall – and into a new hangout in Scarborough.

For nearly four decades, the decommissioned fire hall at 39 Commissioners St. was what our club called home. Built in 1922, this hall served the Port Lands area until it was shut down in the 1980s. Our friends at the Toronto Professional Fire Fighters Association, who then took over the building, have graciously allowed us to use this historic facility for our weekly get-togethers and meetings for nearly four decades. But since they will be moving to a new building in Scarborough, we’re going with them!

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