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A weekend of Easter eggs and helping to fight hunger in our communities

It was a busy weekend for our volunteers, who took part in the Beaches Easter Parade on Easter Sunday. The day prior, we were at the Scarborough Town Centre Real Canadian Superstore, helping to collect several carts of non-perishable food items for the Daily Bread Food Bank, along with $285 in donations to help fight hunger in our communities.

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5th Alarm Fire at Standard Auto Wreckers

The following first person account was submitted by Jeremy Reigber. Photographs by Mykhail Baehr: Click on any image to see the full size photograph.

Walking in the front door and you turn your radio on and you hear that relay pumping is required, all you can think is that this will be a long call. I just went straight into responding mode, we haven’t been requested yet but you knew it was just a matter of when. Every time you hear “Toronto Fire, Chief 20” you get excited, you think the next radio transmission will be requesting Support 7 and then its go time. But sadly you keep hearing other fire ground issues being discussed. Talking about the water relay and shutting down the CN Rail, having police attend to act as traffic control. When Toronto fire arrived they realized that there was no fire hydrants close to the fire. They had to start to shuttle water in via a Tanker.

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We’re history! GTMAA’s response in Mississauga train derailment now part of library archive

The Mississauga Public Library has given an official nod to GTMAA’s deployment during the Mississauga train derailment nearly 40 years ago.


A copy of GTMAA’s newsletter from 1979 has been added to the library’s archive collection on the infamous incident, outlining the story of how our volunteers spent 11 days keeping first responders hydrated, warm and in good spirits during what became one of Canada’s largest peacetime evacuations.

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Last Alarm – Capt. Stephen Forsey

Photo (above) by Wayne Edward
Photo (below) by the Toronto Professional Fire Fighters’ Association

Support 7 was requested for a funeral service honouring Toronto Fire Capt. Stephen Forsey in late February.  Our volunteers dutifully attended, providing beverages and snacks for attendees throughout the service. Capt. Forsey’s passing was determined to be a line of duty death. The Greater Toronto Multiple Alarm Association expresses its sincere condolences to the Forsey family.

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Fifth alarm – Topper Linen and Supply

Photos by Louis Tam

This post takes us back to last month, when a fifth alarm fire broke out at a Junction-area garment business.

Our volunteers were called to relieve our sister rehab unit Box 12 during when a fire broke out at Topper Linen and Uniform Service at around 5 a.m. on Saturday, Feb. 11.
Within 30 minutes, the fire was upgraded to a third alarm. Five and a half hours later, it became a fifth alarm. The business was left in smoking ruins. Many people arriving at the business to drop off uniforms for service had to be turned away that morning.

Though the Keele Street and Dundas Street West area is far from our coverage area, Support 7 was dispatched to the cross-town call as Box 12 had exhausted their supplies by 11 a.m.

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