March 14, 2017 Vivian Ho-Tam

We’re history! GTMAA’s response in Mississauga train derailment now part of library archive

The Mississauga Public Library has given an official nod to GTMAA’s deployment during the Mississauga train derailment nearly 40 years ago.


A copy of GTMAA’s newsletter from 1979 has been added to the library’s archive collection on the infamous incident, outlining the story of how our volunteers spent 11 days keeping first responders hydrated, warm and in good spirits during what became one of Canada’s largest peacetime evacuations.


A digital copy of that newsletter can be found by clicking on the image below.


Bookworms interested in reading more about the Mississauga train derailment can find a large list of newspaper clippings, personal accounts and photographs from the incident on the third floor of the Mississauga Central Library. The collection is held under lock and key in the Canadiana Reading Room. Be sure to thank the nice librarian as well.