17 Sep 2015

The Anniversary of the S.S. Noronic Disaster

The early hours of September 17, 1949 saw one of the most concentrated efforts of men and apparatus ever put forth by the Toronto Fire Department. This would be the morning that the S.S. NORONIC would burn while anchored in Toronto. Mr. Harper, the watchman for the Canada Steamship Lines, first noticed the fire as he made his rounds on Pier No. 9. The fire department was then quickly called by telephone. At 2:38 AM, Acting Platoon Chief J. Stevens responded to the scene with 1 pumper, 1 hose wagon, 1 high pressure truck, 1 rescue squad, and 1 aerial. When Chief Stevens passed through the York St. underpass and saw the top decks of the ship fully involved, and passengers jumping into the water, he ordered a second alarm before even arriving. Click 'Read More' to continue reading.

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