June 9, 1907 – September 24, 1994

On Saturday, September 24, 1994, member Maurice Smith passed away just nine days after suffering from a massive stroke in his Scarborough home. His funeral was held September 27, 1994 at the Ogden Funeral Home, with many of his fellow fire buffs in attendance. Fire Chief Al Speed of the North York Fire Department gave the eulogy and spoke highly of Maurice and his buffing fraternity. The following is a brief history of the life of Maurice Smith:

Maurice was born in the year 1907 and was orphaned at a very young age. He grew up in an orphanage and to escape from this life he joined the army at the age of 15 years. He rose through the ranks during his army career until he reached the rank of Company Sergeant Major. Maurice was a butcher by trade and on leaving the army he took up this career. He joined the Masons in 1949 and was still an active member when he passed on.

Maurice was married for 57 years and lost the woman that he loved when she passed away in 1987. While in the army, Maurice became interested in collecting military insignia and artifacts and when he returned to civilian life his love of collecting extended to the police and fire services as well. Anyone who had observed Maurice on some of our fire department tours while he was bartering for a patch or some other memento, are well aware of his success ratio.

He loved to go to the meetings and special events, and was always waiting on the doorstep when I arrived. He loved to be kidded at the meetings and was more than capable of giving as much as he received. He loved to rehash the night he thought I had forgotten to pick him up. So he jumped into his car and drove out to Ralph McKittrick’s for the club barbeque…on the wrong night.

It was the little things like this that endeared Maurice to everyone he knew. I am going to miss his company and the little chats we used to have on the phone. I am going to miss his sense of humor and his winning smile. I will miss is kindness and his thoughtful ways.

As originally published in the GTMAA Trumpet